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NEWJEANS team up with POWER PUFF GIRLS for new album 'GET UP'

The five girls of ADOR Entertainment's fourth generation mega girl group, NewJeans, have announced their long-awaited second mini-album.

NewJeans became known last year with their mega hits "OMG", "Ditto", "Attention" and "Cookie" and were really celebrated on TikTok, among others. Which one of you doesn't know the dance to OMG inside and out by now?

NewJeans Hanni dances to her song "OMG".

The special thing about NewJean's new EP is that it is a collaboration with Warner Bros. Cartoon POWER PUFF GIRLS , who will soon be celebrating their 25th anniversary. A music video by NewJeans and the POWER PUFF GIRLS will be released to match.

The album contains a total of six songs :

  1. Jeans
  2. super shy
  3. ETA
  4. Cool With You
  5. get up
  6. ASAP

The group showcases their diversity and appeal with three theme songs, "Super Shy," "ETA," and "Cool With You," each with a different style.

The album also includes the interlude track “Get Up”, which differs from the typical Korean girl band music, and the epilogue song “ASAP”, which has a mysterious synth sound. This album is a must for all NewJeans fans!

You can now order NewJean's new album 'Get Up' from your German K-Pop online shop SeoulMate. The album is available in three versions:

BUNNY BEACH BAG VER. - with a super cute beach bag with the well-known NewJeans rabbit 🐰

POWER PUFF GIRLS X NJ BOX VER. - the box version in collaboration with the POWERPUFF GIRLS! 💫

WEVERSE ALBUMS VER. ( What is a WeVerse album? ) - the compact version with extra photo cards 😍

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