2PM – MUST (7th Studio-Album) - Seoul-Mate
2PM – MUST (7th Studio-Album) - Seoul-Mate
2PM – MUST (7th Studio-Album) - Seoul-Mate
2PM – MUST (7th Studio-Album) - Seoul-Mate
2PM – MUST (7th Studio-Album) - Seoul-Mate
2PM – MUST (7th Studio-Album) - Seoul-Mate
2PM – MUST (7th Studio-Album) - Seoul-Mate

2PM – MUST (7th Studio Album)

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K-pop legends of boy band 2PM finally return with their seventh studio album « MUST » !

The long-awaited comeback of the six-member group consists of ten songs, including the title song "Make It", which has become an absolute hit with its jazzy and soulful elements.

With "MUST" the guys from 2PM have proven that even after their military service they still belong to the crème de la crème of K-Pop and that the scene would be unimaginable without them.

Buy 2PM's seventh album «MUST» now at your K-Pop shop Seoul-Mate.de!

Scope of delivery:

  • Cover box (16 x 22cm)
  • Photo book, 88 pages
  • CD
  • Photo cards (2 of 45 motifs)
  • Mini poster, printed on both sides (21 x 15cm)
  • TMI Paper (30 x 15cm)
  • Challenge card (1 of 2 motifs)

    Listen to 2PM's 7th album «MUST» on Spotify.

    Watch the music video for 2PM's theme song « Make It (해야 해)» on YouTube:

    • Cover-Box (16 x 22cm)
    • Fotobuch, 88-seitig
    • CD
    • Fotokarten (2 aus 45 Motiven)
    • Mini-Poster, beidseitig bedruckt (21 x 15cm)
    • TMI Paper (30 x 15cm)
    • Challenge-Karte (1 aus 2 Motiven)

    June 28, 2021

    1. Intro.
    2. Make It (해야 해) (Titelsong)
    3. OK or Not (괜찮아 안 괜찮아)
    4. On My Way (보고싶어, 보러갈게)
    5. Champagne (샴페인)
    6. The Cafe (집 앞 카페)
    7. Moon & Back
    8. Two of Us (둘이)
    9. Hold You (놓지 않을게)
    10. My House (acoustic version) (우리 집)

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